Update - March 2021

Last Post: Tuesday 9th March 2021

This has been a challenging year for everyone involved in theatre both professional and amateur, moving from one hoped re-opening to the next. We do appreciate our hard working membership and loyal audience and this has been just as frustrating for you too. Given the government guidance and positive direction of travel indicated in National media recently we now feel much more confident in our plans for producing a full and varied season of plays for everyone to enjoy in the 2021-2022 season which will begin in September. We intend to perform some of the productions which we had already cast and made preparations for in our cancelled season and also to introduce some new material. Unfortunately as part of the licensing conditions for some plays, we cannot advertise them until the licence is granted (and paid for) and in the case of some 2020-2021 productions, the license is no longer available for contractual reasons, hence the changes which we have had to make. The full listing of our season will appear on this site in the next few days once this administration is complete. Thank you all for staying with us and we will see you all again soon!

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