Secondary Cause of Death

By Peter Gordon

Three Years ago, retired Colonel Charles Craddock and his wife, Margaret visited their friend, Mildred at Bagshot House. Mildred informed Charles, that, upon her death, her niece and ward, Dorothy would inherit the huge estate. However, should anything happen to Dorothy, the estate would pass to him, her lifelong friend. Mildred was shot dead, and within the hour, her niece, Dorothy had met the same fate. All clues pointed to Margaret, and she promptly fled from the house. Charles decides to convert part of the mansion into a comfortable guest house for discerning gentlefolk. 1939 Today, the Inspector responsible for investigating the original case, returns, to inform Charles that his wife has escaped from the asylum, where she was kept, and that she is now on her way to kill Charles. Inspector Pratt becomes Charles’s armed protector. Before long a number of mysterious guest begin to arrive at the house, each with their own dark secret. The hapless Inspector Pratt blunders his way through the clues, as the bodies begin to pile higher and higher. There are many interesting surprises to be had at Bagshot House - but none more exciting than the final dreadful outcome! p>



Name Role
Peter Smith Director
Dawn Rowe Miss Cynthia Maple
Gary Kennedy Inspector Pratt
Kathryn Bland Lady Isadora Pollock
Stephen Claxon Count Puchlik
Kevin Clarke Col Charles Craddock
Lauren Downes Capt H Woolmer-Cardington
Helena Rose Nurse Ann Parsley
Kevin Clarke Cardew Longfellow
Rachel Schofield Lily Tuthill (Cook)
Christine Durkin Martha Armstrong (Housekeeper)
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