Journeys End

By R C Sherriff

"March 1918. The eve of the Battle of St Quentin. Freshly arrived in an officers' dugout somewhere on the Western Front is Captain Stanhope - still only 21 years old, yet already prematurely aged by his experience of War. His commitment and tenacity have earned him the respect and awe of his fellow officers and of his men, but after three years at the Front with no home leave, the cracks are beginning to show. Supported only by copious quantities of whisky on the one hand and by his 'Uncle' - the stoical and gentle 42 year old Osborne - on the other, Stanhope's self-command is rapidly failing him, total breakdown only one more glass of whisky away. In the same dugout, and already in the throes of mental disintegration, is Hibbert, chronically shell-shocked, totally unable to bear his responsibilities as an officer any longer, and angling to be sent back to Blighty on medical grounds. Into this tension-filled mix comes Raleigh, a fresh-faced 18 year old straight out of public school, and anxious to prove himself a worthy officer, especially to his schoolboy idol - Stanhope. R C Sherriff's claustrophobic snapshot of the Great War and the differing tolls exacted by it on a handful of officers and men encompasses a gamut of emotions, from gloomy inertia to explosive anger with warm-hearted comradeship and gallows humour along the way. His most abiding message, however, is the waste of youth and potential brought about by 'the War to end all Wars'.



Name Role
Ben Ventress Director
Daniel Starkie Stanhope
Steve Bradshaw Osborne
Will Gedling Raleigh
Ben McCarthy Hibbert
David West Trotter
Ben McGuire Hardy/German Soldier
Joe Clegg Mason
Gary Kennedy Colonel
Andrew Pettigrew Sergeant Major
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