The Day They Kidnapped The Pope

By Joao Bethancourt

At the end of his triumphal tour of New York, Pope Albert is kidnapped by Sam, a Brooklyn taxi driver. The play opens as Sam arrives home with his hostage and we witness each member of the family's surprised reaction to their guest, who strangely seems quite unperturbed. Sam has demanded an unusual ransom - and the Pope's kidnapping has become an international concern.

The play is beautifully constructed, the characters are larger than life and totally credible and the dialogue is constantly funny. The whole play has a marvellously heartwarming universality without a word of preaching, a total lack of pretentiousness. It has more to say about humanity and life than any message play.



Name Role
Rebecca Crampton Director
David West The Pope
Kevin Clarke The Cardinal
Martyn Frost Samuel
Simon Pierce The Rabbi
Victoria Connolly Sara
Alexandra Kennedy Miriam
Tom Connolly Irving
Stephen Claxon The Sheriff

Past Production

This show ran from 25th November 2017 - 2nd December 2017.


Rossendale Players
69 Burnley Road East
Waterfoot, Lancashire

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