We are three sisters

By Blake Morrison


The Bronte story is usually shrouded in darkness and misery. We are three sisters tries to disperse the gloom and to highlight resilience instead. Despite the tragic events of their childhood (the deaths of their mother and of two of their sisters), Charlotte, Emily and Anne were not pathetic victims of fate, but strong-minded, independent and resourceful women. Nor was Haworth a Godforsaken spot in the back of beyond; as Juliet Barker shows in her marvellous biography of the Brontes, both the industry and the intellectual life of the region was thriving. Patrick Bronte has often been stereotyped as grim and reclusive, but he used his position to campaign fiercely for better education and sanitation for the people of Haworth.

Another stereotype about the Brontes is their lack of humour. But there’s a playful air to some of Charlotte’s letters. I wouldn’t call We are three sisters a comedy, exactly, but with Chekhov’s encouragement I’ve tried to let in a little lightness.



Name Role
Christine Durkin & Rita Chew Director
Helena Lockett-Soule Charlotte
Sophie Longmire Emily
Stephen Woods Teacher
Patrick Duffy Branwell
Rebecca Crampton Lydia
Siobhan Morris Anne
Jim Rowe Patrick
Doctor Martyn Frost
Maureen Jackson Tabby
Curate John Spencer

Past Production

This show ran from 1st October 2016 - 8th October 2016.


Rossendale Players
69 Burnley Road East
Waterfoot, Lancashire

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