Last Post: Thursday 6th June 2024

Our current production 'Sheila's Island' is nearing the end of its run, but there are still a number of tickets available for Thursday and Saturday BOOK NOW! This production has been received enthusiastically by our audiences, so last chance to grab your tickets!! This is what Catherine Smyth's review had to say "FANTASTIC, that was the first word my friend said when the curtain came down at 10pm. Playwright Tim Firth is well-known for producing sharp, witty, relatable plays – Calendar Girls and Kinky Boots to name two. I had never heard of Sheila’s Island; I won’t forget it now. I have only been on a team building activity once with veterans, and I absolutely loved it, so I thought I may be able to relate to the play. The opening scene had the audience belly laughing as the characters literally crawled through a stream on the stage emerging in the verdant island jungle completely soaked, it all added to the humour. Some of the lines were brilliant and punchy and the delivery from all of the four characters – Heather Roberts as Sheila (Captain), Joanne Shepherd as Denise, Holly Boland as Julie and Kathryn Bland as Fay was superb. There was a huge script to learn and their performance was worthy of a professional cast. The bra catapult, mud camouflaged faces, long John Silver acting by Denise and insane Zombie knife threats by Holly the highlights were many. The bullying was realistic as the characters more used to pen pushing and middle management suddenly had to step up, take orders, assume a chain of command and become survivors. The applause and whoops at the end were well deserved. Rossendale Players is really upping its game and I have thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this season’s plays".

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