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The Unexpected Guest

26th September 2015 - 3rd October 2015

When a stranger runs his car into a ditch in dense fog in South Wales and makes his way to an isolated house, he discovers a woman standing over the dead body of her wheelchair-bound husband, gun in her hand.

Early One Morning

18th April 2015 - 25th April 2015

There are some statistics that the World prefers to forget. The 307 Men executed during the course of the First World War for crimes of 'Cowardice' and 'Desertion' is one of them.

Hay Fever

28th September 2013 - 5th October 2013

A witty comedy - Previously performed by the Rossendale Players in 1940 & 1968

Blood Brothers

26th January 2013 - 2nd February 2013

20 years in the growing up of twin boys separated at birth

Therese Raquin

22nd September 2012 - 29th September 2012

A play in 3 acts based on the story by Emile Zola

Dangerous Corner

17th September 2011 - 24th September 2011

The drawing room of the Caplan's house at Chantbury Close after dinner. First performed by the Players in 1945

Journey's End

21st September 2019 - 28th September 2019

RC Sherriff's claustrophobic snapshot of the Great War and the differing tolls exacted by it on a handful of officers and men encompasses a gamut of emotions

The Importance of Being Earnest

20th March 2010 - 27th March 2010

A Classic Comedy


13th December 2007 - 15th December 2007

First ever production of the Rossendale Players Youth Theatre. The Nativity by David Farr.


29th January 2022 - 5th February 2022


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