A Night on the Tiles

By Frank Vickery


Gareth and Shirley's wedding day does not get off to an auspicious start. Gareth, egged on by his cocky older brother Kenneth, has a post-stag-night hangover so bad that he can barely speak, the bride is three months pregnant and Grandad, confused after getting stuck in the outside loo, is unsure whether Shirley is marrying Gareth or Kenneth. Things do not improve after the wedding when Gareth overhears his bride getting rather intimate with Kenneth (apparently not for the first time). Over the next few months relations are somewhat strained between Gareth, Shirley and Kenneth until, on the night the baby is born, Kenneth overhears something which will shatter his life!



Name Role
Jim Rowe Director
Dawn Rowe Doris - The Mother
Paul Higginbottom Reg - The Father
Patrick Duffy Kenneth - The Eldest Son
Ben McCarthy Gareth - The Younger Son
Simon Pierce Grandad
Lauren Downes Shirley - The Expectant Bride
Dorrie Partington Mrs Morris - Next door neighbour

Past Production

This show ran from 13th June 2015 - 20th June 2015.


Rossendale Players
69 Burnley Road East
Waterfoot, Lancashire

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