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A Night on the Tiles

13th June 2015 - 20th June 2015

A fun loving comedy in 3 acts set in the garden of the Price family home in 1987. A family wedding is looming.

Breezeblock Park

7th February 2015 - 14th February 2015

Breezeblock Park is a 70's comedy set on a Liverpool council estate at Christmas.

Ladies Day

31st May 2014 - 7th June 2014

Royal Ascot comes to York - The races in June 2005

Why Me?

8th February 2014 - 15th February 2014

A comedy about unemployment

Absurd Person Singular

30th November 2013 - 7th December 2013

A seasonal comedy set across 'Last', 'This' and 'Next' Christmas

Hay Fever

28th September 2013 - 5th October 2013

A witty comedy - Previously performed by the Rossendale Players in 1940 & 1968

Laying the Ghost

16th March 2013 - 23rd March 2013

Comedy set in a retirement home for actors

Straight and Narrow

17th March 2012 - 24th March 2012

A comedy in two acts

Cash on Delivery

29th November 2011 - 3rd December 2011

A riotous Farce performed at the Bacup Hub with dinner theatre performances

Dangerous Corner

17th September 2011 - 24th September 2011

The drawing room of the Caplan's house at Chantbury Close after dinner. First performed by the Players in 1945

Kindly Keep it Covered

23rd November 2010 - 27th November 2010

A comedy farce performed at the Whitworth Riverside Civic hall with dinner theatre on 25th, 26th and 27th November

Sweet Revenge

23rd January 2010 - 30th January 2010

A whodunit in the living room of Dr Ross where fingers point in accusation

Run for your Wife

18th November 2008 - 22nd November 2008

Dinner Theatre at Bacup Leisure Hall - Play only Tuesday 18th & Wednesday 19th with Dinner Theatre 20th, 21st & 22nd November. A comedy Farce about an unlucky London cabbie who works hard at bigamy.


26th January 2008 - 2nd February 2008

Three friends in need plan to Rob a London Department Store

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